CEO, TrendKite
1:30pm - Wednesday, March 9
As a SaaS company scales, it becomes even more important to make data-driven decisions. How should startups tool and instrument their company to harvest and apply data to core business processes? This session will examine how TrendKite solved their instrumentation puzzle early in their lifecycle, and how it has led to record sales and productivity growth.

Erik Huddleston is the CEO of TrendKite. Prior to TrendKite he was VP Product at Sprinklr. Erik is passionate about the transformational potential of social and big data for the world’s largest brands. Erik previously served as Chief Technology Officer at Inovis and drove the vision, development, and evangelism for their cloud integration, analytics, and social supply chain offering. Erik joined Inovis through the acquisition of BetweenMarkets, the leading provider of partner performance management applications, where he served as founder and CTO.


While at BetweenMarkets, Erik drove an agile product and development organization and helped dozens of the world’s leading companies solve their Business Community Management challenges.


Prior to founding BetweenMarkets in 2000, Erik architected consumer and retail analytics products at two enterprise software startups: eCustomers, a retail merchandising software provider; and SMART Technologies, an ecommerce and consumer personalization software provider acquired by i2 Technologies.